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Brazil Airpass

Brazil is a very big and vast country so in order to make a roundtrip you need to fly around the country.
Domestic flights in Brazil are rather expensive when you book them separately, so that why you should consider to book the Brazilian Airpass.
With this pass you can match our travelpackages.

Currently the cost of the Brazil Airpass is around 499 Usd for up to 4 domestic flights. One can purchase max. 9 domestic flights with the pass. The pass is valid for 21 days from the first domestic flight.

Brazil Airpass: cheap travelling in Brazil

Visitors who intend to travel on from their point of entry to explore more of Brazil should consider investing in a Brazil Airpass before arriving in the country. The Brazil AirPass is the most practical and economical way to travel within Brazil and is available to foreigners and Brazilians residing abroad holding a round trip air ticket to Brazil.

Customizing your itinerary we will advise which domestic flights fit the best into your program. You can book these at your nearest travel agent or via http://www.brol.com/airpass/

Brazil Airpass for traveling in Brazil

Tam Brazil Pass : http://www.brol.com/airpass/

Gol Brazil Pass : http://www.brol.com/airpass/

South – America Airpasses for traveling in between countries

Lan Zuid-Amerikaanse Airpass
Tam Zuid-Amerika Airpass
Gol Zuid-Amerika Airpass
Aerolineas Zuid-Amerikaanse Pass

How to book the Brazil Airpass

For more information to purchase the Brazil Airpass contact Mauricio Travels in Natal or Rio de Janeiro call us Phone: +55 21 4042-7201 , mail us: info@mauriciotravels.com or go to our contact page. We give you free advise how to plan your roundtrip to Brazil.

You book the Brazil Pass with : http://www.brol.com/airpass/

International Flights and tickets

Mauricio Travels only offers domestic flights to destinations like: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Recife, Fortaleza, Manaus, Brasilia, Iguaçu, ..

Most international flights from Europe and the US land at the international airports of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife or Salvador, where there are connecting flights to most other major Brazilian cities. Rio and São Paulo both have major international airports, as well as airports closer to the city centre which are used for the 55 minute air-shuttle between the two cities and a number of other regional services. Rio’s airports are Galeão (GIG) for international and Santos Dumont (SDU) for the shuttle; while São Paulo’s are Guarulhos (GRU) for international and Congonhas (CGH) for the shuttle.

The international departure tax is currently $36 (approx. £25).

From Europe: Flight time from Europe to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is just over eleven hours depending on your starting point and less than nine hours to Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador. Most flights leave from Europe in the evening and arrive early morning in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. On the return leg they leave late afternoon or early evening to get to Europe the following day around lunchtime or earlier.

Coming to Natal : there are regular daily flights from Lisbon with TAP Airlines straight to Natal. Also there are several chartercompanies who fly directly from Amsterdam, London, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Helsinki, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid etc.

Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss, Tam, Tap and Varig all run regular services between Europe and Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. This means that travellers have a choice of several different airlines linking the two continents daily.

From the US: Flights by American Airlines, Continental, United and the Brazilian flag carriers Varig and Tam link the US with Brazil.

Flight time is eight and a half hours from Miami to São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, just over nine from New York, eleven from Atlanta, thirteen from Los Angeles and sixteen from San Francisco.

The vast majority of flights between North America and Brazil are overnight flights that arrive in Brazil in the early morning with a bonus for east coast travellers that the time difference between the east coast and Rio de Janeiro is minimal.

From Latin America: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro receive flights daily from most of the other major Latin American cities and is served by Aerolineas Argentinas, Aero Peru, Avianca, Cubana de Aviacion, Ladeco, Lan Chile, LAB, Pluna, Viasa, and the Brazilian flag carriers  GOL, Tam and AZUL

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