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We are a Brazilian-Belgian travel agency that has been actively involved in tourism in Brazil for 20 years. Based in Natal and Rio de Janeiro, we organize mainly individual tailor-made tours, such as a beach buggy from Fortaleza to Natal. Our roundtrip packages can best be booked in advance via internet in combination with the Brazil Airpass, always an advantageous solution.

This tour is driven by beach buggy along the brazilian coast over a distance of more than 500 km. Along the way we stay in typical boutique hotels and have lunch with local fishermen on a deserted beach. Click on “Ask for an offer” for more info!


Tour Plan

Flight from Europe to Fortaleza Airport ( 07.30 flight time from Lisbon ) Meet and greet in airport. Transfer and check-in hotel Luzieros 5* Dinner in a typical BBQ restaurant.
After breakfast we launch the buggy and head towards the fishing village of Canoa Quebrada on the beach. Lunch on the beach en route. Check in pousada Long Beach. Evening beach party
Today we drive by buggy to Tremembe along beautiful cliffs and idyllic beaches. Lobster lunch with the local fishermen en route. Overnight and dinner in the beautiful pousada Casa Do Mar. Ponta do Mel has an exceptional beauty with beautiful nature. Lots of local color with friendly residents.
Galinhos is a combination of river, dunes and sea. The village is a small peninsula that can only be reached via the beach or by boat. Time has stood still here: no cars, only donkeys in the village !!! We take the ferry boat and have lunch in pousada Amagali. Free afternoon at the beach. Overnight and dinner.
Early departure with the buggies towards Sao Miguel de Gostoso. The new kite and surf paradise of the Northeast of Brazil. Lunch and dinner in the beautiful pousada So Alegria.
Last drive towards Natal. But first we pass the dune park of Genipabu. Check-In 5 star hotel Serhs 5 * Farewell dinner at the hotel or themed party on the beach.
After breakfast transfer to Natal airport. End of our services.


Will you choose a spectacular Beachbuggy from Fortaleza to Natalor another travel package? With us you can personalize your Brazil trip and put it together individually. An example of how the packages can be combined, take a look at our round trips.

Select your type of trip and create an ideal combination of nature, beach, culture and active. Once you choose the packages, we take care of the transfers with guides on arrival at the different destinations as well as the domestic flights. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy the “Brazilian Airpass”.

Of course we are happy to advise you on putting together your ideal itinerary. For each building block we give suggestions on how to continue your route in Brazil. If you do not succeed, please contact us so that our Brazil travel specialists can share their experience with you and advise you.

Exploring the Coastal Beauty: Beach Buggy Adventures from Fortaleza to Natal

If you’re an avid beach lover seeking an unforgettable adventure along the Brazilian coastline, look no further. Embark on a thrilling journey from Fortaleza to Natal, and indulge in the ultimate beach buggy experience that will leave you awe-struck. Buckle up as we delve into this exhilarating expedition through the picturesque landscapes of Brazil’s northeast.

Discovering Fortaleza’s Coastal Charms

Fortaleza: A Beach Paradise

Fortaleza, a bustling metropolis on the northeastern coast of Brazil, serves as the perfect starting point for your beach buggy adventure. Known for its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and lively atmosphere, this city offers a diverse range of experiences.

Praia do Futuro: Where Sun and Surf Unite

Kick off your journey at Praia do Futuro, one of Fortaleza’s most iconic beaches. Feel the golden sand beneath your feet as you soak up the tropical sun. Savor fresh seafood at the beachside restaurants and enjoy thrilling water sports, making this beach a must-visit for every traveler.

Setting Off on the Coastal Route

Beach Buggy Bliss

As you leave Fortaleza behind, hop into your beach buggy and let the adventure begin. With the wind in your hair and the sound of waves crashing nearby, you’ll experience the sheer thrill of exploring Brazil’s coastline.

Cumbuco: A Kitesurfing Haven

Your first stop is Cumbuco, a paradise for kitesurfing enthusiasts. Glide along the coast, propelled by the strong ocean breeze, and admire the breathtaking sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see. Capture the perfect Instagram-worthy moments amidst these natural wonders.

Canoa Quebrada: Unearthing Hidden Treasures

Continuing your journey, you’ll reach Canoa Quebrada, a charming fishing village known for its rustic beauty. Explore the vibrant streets filled with local art and crafts, and don’t forget to take a refreshing dip in the natural seawater pools formed by the tide.

The Enchanting Destination: Natal

Natal: Sun, Sand, and Serenity

Arriving in Natal, you’ll be greeted by a sense of tranquility that this coastal city exudes. Natal, often referred to as the “City of Sun,” is renowned for its stunning sand dunes and crystal-clear waters.

Genipabu: Sand Dunes and Camel Rides

Genipabu is a highlight of your journey. Here, you can experience the thrill of sandboarding down towering dunes or take a memorable camel ride. The ever-shifting landscape is a testament to the marvels of nature.

Ponta Negra Beach: Sunset Delights

End your adventure at Ponta Negra Beach, famous for its vibrant nightlife and stunning sunset views. Unwind at the beachfront bars, indulge in local cuisine, and witness the mesmerizing moment when the sun kisses the horizon.

Book Incentive: Beachbuggy from Fortaleza to Natal

For more information, contact Mauricio Travels in Rio De Janeiro or Natal, call: +55 21 970387070 – Mail: or fill out our contact page.

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