Discover the dunes in Natal and Pipa

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Natal: City of the sun

Natal is known as the city of the sun because of the sun shining all the year round. It is a coastal city and the capital of the Rio Grande do Norte State, located in the North-East of Brazil.

Natal is famous for its gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, dunes and extraordinarily beautiful weather. Beaches are the main attractions here, rides by beach buggies-the main entertainment. And of course, diverse night life!

Natal has a well-organized tourism, commerce and bank infrastructures, good public transport system with excellent hotels. It is also famous for its hospitality and beautiful weather. Enjoy your stay!

In Natal and Pipa we organise several daily activities:

  • Buggytour to the dunes of Genipabu
  • Buggytour to Pipa
  • Jeep – Safari 4 X 4 Country side
  • Rally – 4X4 selfdrive with Jeeps
  • Quadtour 4X4 selfdrive with Jeeps
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Beachparty


Pipa and swimming with the dolphins…

Pipa is a small fishing-village who developed the last 10 years in an upscale destination with very nice hotels-pousada’s, restaurants and boutiques. But you still can find the originally atmosphere of this former Hippie town. Night life, amazing surfbeaches, dolfhins….in Pipa you have it all…

We normally organize an incentivetrip in combination with Natal.

Activities in Pipa:

  • Buggytour to Baia Formosa
  • Boattrip dolphinspotting
  • Horseriding on the beach
  • Quadtour 4×4 selfdrive
  • Canoe rowing in the mangroves
  • Beachparty


Tour Plan

Natal: Stad van de zon

Natal is located in northeastern Brazil, on the Atlantic Ocean. Natal is Portuguese for Christmas. The city’s name has to do with its founding on Christmas 1599. Because of its many hours of sunshine, this city is also sometimes called the “City of the Sun. Natal is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The center of the city consists of narrow alleys and dirt roads leading to the sea.

Natal spills over into the fishing village of Ponta Negra. In Natal you will find many buildings from colonial times o.a.the fort Dos Reis Magos and the Centro de Turismo. Beautiful tropical beaches with a wide range of hotels-restaurants and bars are its main assets.

Ponta Negra is the most popular bay. Enjoy !!! sits in the former prison. The old prison cells have been converted into small tourist stores. Most of the hotels are on the Via Costeira. This coastal strip runs from Natal to Ponta Negra.

In Natal and Pipa we organize several day activities:

Beachbuggy tour to the dunes of Genipabu
Buggytour to Pipa
Jeep – Safari 4 X 4 inland
Quadtour 4X4 self drive
Beach party
Pipa: swimming with dolphins

Pipa is a small fishing village that in recent years has developed into an alternative town with nice bars – restaurants and boutique hotels. The casual beach atmosphere with surfers and artists still prevails here. In Pipa you will find it all…

We very often organize a combination Incentive of a few nights Pipa with Natal.

Activities in Pipa:

Beachbuggy tour to Baia Formosa
Boat trip to the dolphin bay
Horseback riding on the beach
Quadtour 4×4 self drive
Canoeing in the mangroves
Beach party

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