Discover the Pantanal 5 days / 4 nights

Price p/p based on a double room.
All packages can be customized according to your wishes,
Please press the button “Ask for a quote!”.
Prices not valid for christmas, new year, carnaval and further national holidays.


  • All transfers and excursions as mentionned.
  • All entry tickets.
  • English speaking guides during all transfers and excursions (other guides on demand).
  • This package is based on full pension (breakfast - lunch - dinner).
  • The mentionned hotel(s) can be switched for other ones of equal class when all rooms are occupied.
  • Tips for guides.
  • All drinks during meals.
  • Domestic flight (see Brazil Airpass).
  • Travel insurances.

Tour Plan

Arrival in Campo Grande, where assistance, with name board, is waiting for you. Transfer to Pousada Aguape, situated in the Pantanal. Arrival and check-in. During your stay the following tours will be scheduled at the pousada: horse riding, boat rides, canoeing, trekking, piranha fishing, birdwatching, photo safari and nocturnal viewing of caymans. Overnight at the pousada.
The trips mentioned above are scheduled at the pousada. The trips will be carefully selected, depending the climate and time of the year and will be guided by local guides that know all about the flora and fauna that make this place unique. To avoid the intense heath during the day, the tours are taking place early in the morning and mid-afternoon, at these times of the day, the possibilities of seeing the movement of the animals are a lot bigger. During your stay all excursions and meals are included. Overnight at the pousada.
Breakfast, morning-activity and lunch. Transfer to the airport of Campo Grande.


This is a fairly adventurous trip, and one must have a good basic level of fitness. Furthermore, we recommend that you bring sturdy shoes and mosquito spray. It is also strongly recommended that you get vaccinated against yellow fever and take malaria tablets.

Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Pantanal: Campo Grande to Pantanal Journey

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to one of the world’s most diverse and captivating ecosystems? In this article, we’ll delve into the wonders of Pantanal, a region that promises a unique blend of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural richness. Join us as we explore the enchanting beauty of Pantanal, beginning our adventure from Campo Grande.

Pantanal’s Unique Biodiversity

Nestled in the heart of South America, Pantanal is a sprawling wetland of unparalleled ecological significance. It’s a vast and pristine natural wonderland that spans across Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. One of the standout features of Pantanal is its astounding biodiversity, which includes over 1,000 bird species, 300 mammal species, and countless reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

The Role of Pantanal’s Wetlands

The wetlands of Pantanal are the lifeblood of this region, providing essential sustenance for its diverse inhabitants. During the rainy season, these wetlands flood, creating a haven for aquatic creatures and supporting the growth of lush vegetation. This annual cycle is the heartbeat of Pantanal’s ecosystem.

Vibrant Culture and Rich History

Our journey begins in Campo Grande, the vibrant capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. This bustling city is not only the gateway to Pantanal but also a fascinating destination in its own right. Explore Campo Grande’s rich cultural heritage by visiting its museums, savoring traditional Brazilian cuisine, and immersing yourself in the lively music scene.

Preparing for Your Pantanal Adventure

Before setting off to explore Pantanal, it’s essential to make necessary preparations. Ensure you have the appropriate gear, including comfortable hiking shoes, insect repellent, and a good pair of binoculars for wildlife spotting. Additionally, make arrangements for a knowledgeable local guide who can lead you through the wilderness and enhance your experience.

The Pantanal Experience: Wildlife Encounters and More

Pantanal is a birdwatcher’s paradise, boasting an astonishing array of avian species. Keep your eyes peeled for the magnificent hyacinth macaw, the iconic jabiru stork, and the elusive giant otter, which can often be spotted in the wetlands.

Safari Adventures

Venture deep into Pantanal’s heart on a thrilling safari adventure. You’ll have the chance to encounter jaguars, capybaras, giant anteaters, and the legendary anaconda. The vastness of Pantanal ensures that every safari offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience.

Conservation Efforts in Pantanal – Protecting this Natural Gem

As visitors, it’s our responsibility to ensure the preservation of Pantanal’s delicate ecosystem. Support local conservation efforts by adhering to eco-friendly practices during your journey. Respect wildlife from a distance, avoid littering, and follow the guidance of your knowledgeable guides to minimize your impact on this pristine environment.

Conclusion: A Journey Like No Other

Embarking on a journey from Campo Grande to Pantanal is an experience like no other. It’s a chance to connect with nature in its purest form, witness remarkable wildlife, and gain a deep appreciation for the importance of conservation. So, pack your bags, immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Pantanal, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Pantanal is waiting to captivate your heart and soul with its natural wonders.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure; plan your trip today and discover the magic of Pantanal for yourself.

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