Holidays in Morro de Sao Paolo – Brazil


Holidays in Morro de Sao Paolo – Brazil

Having plans for a visit to Morro de Sao Paolo in Brazil? Than Mauricio Travels is your partner ! We are a brazilian-belgian travel agency, already active since 15 years with tourism in Brazil.. Based in Natal and Rio de Janeiro, we operate as a national touroperator. We mainly book individual round trip packages – custom made. These packages are best booked in advance through the internet, in combination with the Brazil Airpass,always the cheapest way to fly through Brazil. Don’t forget to book your trip to the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Package holiday Morro de Sao Paolo

Morro is a tropical paradise situated on the island of Tinharé in the state of Bahia. The island has 4 known beaches : the first one has the old town with vacation houses, the second one has all the bars and restaurants, the tirth one has the beautifull beaches for snorkling and the fourth one is the rest of the island… A very popular holiday destinations for international and Brazilian people. Apart of the beautiful white beaches it is know for it’s nightlife. Let’s call it the Ibiza of Brazil.

Built your own holiday holiday package to Morro the Sao Paolo in Brazil

With the help of our travel packages you can make your personalized Brazil trip.
An exemple how you can combine the travelpackages, have a look at the roundtrips
Make a selection and find the perfect combination of nature – beach – cities – action and adventure.
Once you have choosen the destinations, we provide English speaking guides to do all the transfers on each destination.
For the domestic flights yu can purchase the “ Brazilian Airpass “ or we can book the flights for you.
Our Brazil specialists are here for you to give you the beste advices and will guide you to make your ideal trip.

Customized trips to Morro de Sao Paolo

Discover the Morro de SaoPaolo and book your holiday today with Mauricio Travels in our travel agency in Rio. Call us : +55 84 999918176, mail us: or go to our contact page
We work in São Paulo with very reliable tour operators and guides who treat our clients very nice. All of them have insurance for transport.

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