Holidays in Pipa – Brazil

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Holidays in Pipa – Brazil

Having plans for a visit to Pipa in Brazil? Than Mauricio Travels is your partner ! We are a brazilian-belgian travel agency, already active since 15 years with tourism in Brazil.. Based in Natal and Rio de Janeiro, we operate as a national touroperator. We mainly book individual round trip packages – custom made. These packages are best booked in advance through the internet, in combination with the Brazil Airpass,always the cheapest way to fly through Brazil. Don’t forget to book your trip to the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Pipa is a unique holiday destination

Home to dolphins & turtles, the Village of Pipa is part of the district of Tibau do Sul, an Indian name meaning “between 2 waters” (it having the Guarairas lagoon to one side and the Atlantic Ocean to the other).From “Orotapiry” – “white man’s village” in Tupi (an Indian tribal language) to “Itacoatiara” – “big yellow rock” and “Green Cape Point” due to the wonderful view of native Atlantic Forest seen by sailors from a distance, the village finally became known as Pipa because the Pedra do Moleque (which can be seen at the furthermost point of Shipwreck beach (or praia dos Afogados) seemed, at a distance, to look like a barrel of wine or spirits.

Maybe it’s from here that her ability to enrapture adventurers and tourists from the world over comes since the time when pirates of every nationality landed on her shores in search of the famous Brazil wood (pau brasil).

And enrapture it does! Even on arriving, from the road you are bewitched by beaches with clear, warm waters, immense coconut palms plantations, natural pools and viewpoints, impressive cliffs, some still covered by Atlantic Forest, white sand dunes, coves and precipices.Situated in the biggest ecological sanctuary in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, chosen by “ uia 4 Rodas” (the most respected travel book in Brazil) as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Pipa became famous in the 80’s thanks to the surfers who discovered its delights.

But it’s not just ideal for surfers; here on offer are boat and canoe rides, buggy and horse rides, walks and motor cross along trails through the Atlantic forest. In fact here lies one of Pipa’s attractions; it is somehow able to blend its breathtaking scenery and opportunity for adventure with charming and comfortable facilities; hotels and guesthouses, bars and shops and restaurants with a truly international flavour. Nightlife in Pipa is an attraction in itself.Cosmopolitan and exciting, the lively Pipa folk need energy to last them till dawn. What’s more, here young people from all over the world gather and give themselves up to everything from the rhythms of the regional “ orro” (from the English “for all”) to the beat of techno.

Without doubt it was this energy that led the Brazilian magazine “Viaje Mais” to declare Pipa nightlife “the hottest you’ll find outside Recife”. But it’s more than being in one of the most popular of Northeastern holiday spots; Pipa guarantees “unforgettable days of leisure and entertainment or simply rest and peace and quiet amongst its exuberant natural beauty under the blessing of Saint Sebastian, its patron saint.


Think about desert beaches and beautiful tropical climate : deep blue see , you are in Pipa and Tibau do Sul. One of the most blessed places to take your holday in Brazil. Have a look at our tours and trips on our website.

The weather in Pipa Brazil

Pipa in Brazil has a equatorial tropical climate. The whole year around temperatures of 27 to 31 degrees. Rainy season in spring in the months of may-june-july.

Beaches in Pipa

Pipa has a lot of beaches like Tibau do Sul, Baia do Golfinhos where  early in the morning you can see dolphins. A great place to surf. At night a lot of bars and restaurants with live music.

Built your own holiday holiday package to Pipa in Brazil

With the help of our travel packages you can make your personalized Brazil trip.

An exemple how you can combine the travelpackages, have a look at the roundtrips

Make a selection and find the perfect combination of nature – beach – cities – action and adventure.

Once you have choosen the destinations, we provide English speaking guides to do all the transfers on each destination.
For the domestic flights yu can purchase the “ Brazilian Airpass “ or we can book the flights for you.

Our Brazil specialists are here for you to give you the beste advices and will guide you to make your ideal trip.

Customized trips to Pipa

Discover Pipa and book your holiday today with Mauricio Travels in our travel agency in Rio. Call us  : +55 84 999918176, mail us: or go to our contact page. We work in Pipa with very reliable tour operators and guides who treat our clients very nice. All of them have insurance for transport.

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Barra de cunhau buggy tour Kayak tour Boattrip Pipa Tour

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