Holidays in Salvador – Brazil

Vakantie Salvador De Bahia

Holidays in Salvador – Brazil

Having plans for a visit to Salvador in Brazil? Than Mauricio Travels is your partner ! We are a brazilian-belgian travel agency, already active since 15 years with tourism in Brazil.. Based in Natal and Rio de Janeiro, we operate as a national touroperator. We mainly book individual round trip packages – custom made. These packages are best booked in advance through the internet, in combination with the Brazil Airpass,always the cheapest way to fly through Brazil. An Salvador package is quickly booked !!

Salvador de Bahia : a paradise destination

With our any doubt Salvadore is the capital of the music-scene in Brazil and the most city alive in the Nord East of the country.

Famous for his Carnaval and his historical past.

About Salvador de Bahia

Without any doubt Salvador is the utmost vivid and bubbling city of Brazil. Salvador was founded in 1549 and was the capital of the new Portuguese colony untill 1763, it became the pounding hart of Brazil in this period. The city got very rich, starting with the sugar industry, followed by the tobacco- and cattle-trade, but especially because of the gold and diamonds transported from the interior of Brazil. Salvador has developed its own culture, with many African influences, the people are friendly, creative and keep holding on to old traditions.

The most beautiful part of the city is the renovated district Pelourinho. In this higher situated part of the city you will find the biggest collection of colonial baroque architecture of Latin America, consisting of decorated churches and houses. But it is also a center with many restaurant, terraces and bars, where you can hear live music at any time of the day. The beat of the Samba, the Axé and jazzy sounds of the Bossa Nova can be heard in the narrow streets untill late in the evening.

The surroundings of Salvador have a lot to offer. A possibility is a visit to Praia do Forte, situated approximately 1 ½ hour drive from Salvador, along a beach with a lenght of 12 kilometers with unspoiled water, sand dunes, coco plants, and coral reefs for snorkeling. And there is a sea turtle reserve. The island of Itaparica is also worth a visit, visit the villages or relax on the quiet beaches on this island.


Tours and Trips in Salvador

Try to visit a Capoeira school or a Capoeira event in the Old City. This dance is very acrobatic and has is origin from the slave-period when the first Africans where forced to work.  During the city-tour we visit the old city with cathedrals – churches mainly in Pelourinho, the the colonial neighborhood of town. Praia of Forte is one of the most beautifull beaches in the state, known for the turtle project. The island of Itaparica and Morro de Sao Poalo are closeby.

Built your own holiday holiday package to Salvador in Brazil

With the help of our travel packages you can make your personalized Brazil trip.  An exemple how you can combine the travelpackages, have a look at the roundtrips. Make a selection and find the perfect combination of nature – beach – cities – action and adventure. Once you have choosen the destinations, we provide English speaking guides to do all the transfers on each destination.
For the domestic flights yu can purchase the “ Brazilian Airpass “ or we can book the flights for you.

Our Brazil specialists are here for you to give you the beste advices and will guide you to make your ideal trip.

Customized trips to Salvador

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We work in Salvador with very reliable tour operators and guides who treat our clients very nice. All of them have insurance for transport.

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