Pousada Ze Maria


Pousada Zé Maria lies next to the Morro do Pico (Peak Hill), one of Fernando de Noronha’s most important postcards. Since the Morro do Pico can be seen from everywhere on Island, the inn is easily located. Nothing better to symbolize the construction of the New Inn than the impressiveness of the Peak, with its 323 meters in height and perfect integration into the landscape. So the Pousada Zé Maria was increased in size, a large venture, totally integrated into the environment. The fascinating paradise that is Noronha, deserves all the respect that can be mustered and only someone with Zé Maria’s love and all his positive energy could coordinate the works always thinking first of the divine nature of the place. In this way, an engineering project was created to be 100% ecologically correct, not removing a single tree, and rather planting another 888 native trees, fruit bearing and ornamental species.
From the flat-screen TV sets, the whirlpool bathtubs to the silent mini-bar, everything is powered by solar energy, which on an island where the sun shines all year long, is nothing but coherent.

The pousada offers:
Apartments: with approximately 20m², with a doublé bed or two single beds, solar heating for showers (Combined Boiler), mini-bar, box spring mattress, air conditioner, telephone, 20” TV with DirecTv (satellite). Accommodation for up to 03 people.
Standard bungalows: Approximately 50m², private porch, 29” TV with DirecTv (satellite), telephone, silent mini-bar, box spring mattress, air conditioner, solar heating for showers (Combined Boiler) and a view to the sea. Accommodation for up to 04 people.
Special bungalows: with 80m², solar heating for showers (Combined Boiler), 29” TV with DirecTv (satellite), silent mini-bar, telephone, CD player, box spring mattress, air conditioner, individual whirlpool bath and a view to the sea and the Morro do Pico. Accommodation for up to 05 people.
Super special bungalows: approximately 130m², 2 bathrooms, common area for two environments, large covered porch, individual whirlpool bath, 29” TV with DirecTv (satellite), silent mini-bar, box spring mattress, air conditioner, telephone, solar heating for showers (Combined Boiler) and a beautiful view of the Morro do Pico and Conceição Beach. Accommodation for up to 08 people.

The restaurant is inspired in the magic astral of Noronha, combining the simplicity of local dishes seasoned by the alchemy of Zé Maria and the sophisticated style of Celso Freire, one of Brazils best known chefs (3 stars on the 4Rodas guide). Dishes are created from fish, meat, pasta, seafood, grilled specialties and special salads highlighting the colors, flavors and spices to bring about the freshness and smoothness appropriate for the tropical climate.
Hachi Sushibar – the colorful and delicious cocktails, sushis and sashimis match the islands Zen life style perfectly.
The infinite edge swimming pool was built on several levels, taking advantage of the natural slope of the land. Seated at the poolside bar in the shade of a huge cashew tree, enjoying an extremely tropical caipirinha made from cashews picked from that same tree, gaze floating on the surface of the blue water whose infinite edge reflects the giant hill of the Peak sheathed by the golden lights of sunset.

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