Lençois Maranhenses National Park in Brazil

Lencois Maranhenses Reispaket

Lençois Maranhenses National Park in Brazil

Having plans for a visit to Lençois Maranhenses National Park in Brazil?Than Mauricio Travels is your partner ! We are a brazilian-belgian travel agency, already active since 15 years with tourism in Brazil.. Based in Natal and Rio de Janeiro, we operate as a national touroperator. We mainly book individual round trip packages – custom made. Thèse packages are best booked in advance through the internet, in combination with the Brazil Airpass,always the cheapest way to fly through Brazil. A Lençois Maranhenses National Park package is quickly booked !!

Lençois Maranhenses National Park one of the most beautiful places in Brazil.

lencois-maranhensesEven though it is called the Brazilian Sahara – its 155,000 hectare extension is bigger than the city of Sao Paulo -, the Lencois Marahenses National Park is not exactly a desert, yet it has a landscape with those typical characteristics. It rains 3 times more in here than at the renowned African desert. The rainy season, from November to June, is so powerful that gives birth to huge temporary lagoons of crystalline fresh waters.

Nevertheless, these lagoons are inhabited by fishes that later will be used as food by the migrating birds coming all the way from the North Pole, such as the Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) and the Treinta y tres. Meadows of white and golden sands, constantly changing their shape according to the creative mood and whim of the winds, extend around these oases as far as the eye can follow. Along 90 km of littoral, beautiful, extended and deserted beaches get linked.

This unique ecological organization is located in the State of Maranhao, in the north-eastern part of Brazil. Another characteristic that makes this a unique area in Brazil is the superficiality of its subterranean waters. The waters under the earth are so close to the surface that a two metre pipe is enough to make this vital liquid outpour with an impetuous spout.

The Lençóis Maranhenses  are a big dune park in the North of Brazil.


A very popular trip to discover the area of Lençois Maranhenses National Park is Sao Luis. By plane or by van you drive to Barreirinhas. Here you can visit the Lagoons and the National park by 4 X 4.

From here you take the boat along the coastline to Caburé and Atins. Driving by Landrover to  Pequenos Lençóis to Paulino Neves or Tutóia. This trip goes until Jericoacoara.


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